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New Production Stills From Grave Yard Shot

There is now a page of production stills from the grave yard shot. They are behind the scenes of the cast and crew during the shot.



There is now a Death Prophet page on Facebook. Visit the page to find more photos, videos, and other content.

New Death Prophet Videos

Khaos Reel

Description: Four years into development this reel represents the rise of Khaos in the world of Digital Filmmaking. From The Last Circle, director Mychel McGoy presents this contemplation in honor of his crew and of course his diabolical alter ego. Please play at high volume!

Khaos Theory (WARNING: Don’t watch if you are Epileptic or have experienced Light Induced Seizure)

Description: An experimental piece edited by Mychel McGoy, Khaos Theory (2010) is the latest installment of a series of edits exploring the darker nature of our existence and life itself. The video juxtaposes global warfare with global warming to compare and contrast the power of technology and the power of Mother Nature. Which force is more powerful and how does one affect the other?

Production Has Started

Yes, production has started and we are soon going to have our third shot.

Start of Production

Death Prophet will begin full production within the next few weeks.


Death Prophet Teaser


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