A Last Circle Productions Mini Series

Vlad Korishev

Email: vlad808@yahoo.com


Vlad emigrated to the U.S. from the Ukraine at a very young age, but the influence of Eastern European film on him was profound. He has worked on numerous projects within a myriad of genres, but he is still grounded in the experimental vein of classic Eastern European cinema. Vlad began his film career working as an actor, but he found his true calling behind the camera; discovering a love for cinematography.

Vlad created an experimental thriller, Koltzo, which aired at the Delancey Street Film Festival, as well as his follow-up, Kakat. He was also assistant director and editor of the Art Institute of California-San Francisco’s 48-hour film competition winner, When the Bough Breaks. He is currently working in post-production on a narrative short which portrays a father who throws away everything to avenge the death of his daughter, and is beginning production on The Mirror’s Truth, a short thriller about a possessed mirror which begins to drain its owner’s soul.



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